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Adventures In Plasticland

Playlist for September 5th/04

Ladies W. C. People(Pepperisms From Around The World)
Park Avenue Playground The Trip(Beyond The Calico Wall)
The Zakary Thaks Green Crystal Ties(Green Crystal Ties)
Tarantula The Electric Guru(Self Titled)
Abraham's Children Workin' For The Man(Time)
T.I.M.E. Trippin' Into Sunshine(Time)
Christopher Magic Cycles(Christopher)
Radio Birdman The Man With The Golden Helmet(Radios Appear)
Khan Space Shanty/Stranded(Space Shanty)
The Raiders Steppin' OutBest Of)
The Association Silver Morning(Stop Your Motor)
The Yellow Balloon Good Feeling Time(The Yellow Balloon)
The Raspberries Divin' Around(Fresh)
PHAM I Got You Covered(Ac-ro-nym)
Robert Porembski Kind Of A Disgrace(demo)
The Collectors Lydia Purple(The Collectors)
Moby Grape 8:05(Vintage)
Jo Jo Gunne Where's The Show(Where's The Show)
Spirit Aren't You Glad(Time Circle)
Karel Appel Musique Barbare(Waterpipes And Dykes)
The Maskers Death(Waterpipes And Dykes)
Met And Zonder Afterbirth Of A Dream(Waterpipes And Dykes)
Golden Earring Vanilla Queen(Live)
Rick Ray Time Moves On(Living In An Insane World)
Robin Trower Step Into The dark(20th CenturyBlues)
Pat Tarvers Highway 61 Revisited(P. t. Power Trio)
Rick Ray band Calm Before The Storm(Night Of The Living Dedicated)
Love and Jimi Hendrix Love Is More Than Words(Love Out Here)
Stackridge Do The Stanley(Extravaganza)
Greatest Show On Earth Magic Woman Touch(Greatest Hits)
Blow Up Hollywood nde(Fake)
Blow Up Hollywood Sweetest Moment(Blow Up Hollywood)
Jugabandi Approaching Readiness(CramAnd Stuff Method)

Playlist for August 28th/04

The Besnard Lakes This Thing (Volume 1)
George Lynch Space Station #5 (Curious George)
The New Black Dude(The New Black)
Goddo Rock Star (Kings Of The Stoned Age)
Five Fifteen Rockin' Horse (The Sensational Five Fifteen)
Hawklords Psi Power (Twenty Five Years On)
Porcupine Tree Stranger By The Minute (Lightbulb Sun)
Coley Park Lucky Butterfly (Across The Carpet Stars)
Drivin' Sister Let It All Come Down(Demo)
Frank Merante Taxman Taxman (Demo)
Frank Merante Nobody's Hero (Demo)
7thorder Road to Yerevan (Demo)
Blodwyn Pig The Modern Alchemist(A Head Rings Out)
Blodwyn Pig Up and Coming (A Head Rings Out)
Savoy Brown Shot In The Head(Lions Share)
Savoy Brown Second Try(Lions Share)
The Beach Boys A Day In The Life Of A Tree(Surfs Up)
The Millenium It's You (Begin)
Barclay James Harvest Spirit On The Water(Gone To Earth)
Grin Moon Tears (1 + 1)
PHAM! I Love You Madly(Remix)
Robert Porembski Beautiful Stranger(Demo)
The Left Banke Pretty Ballarina (There's Gonna Be A Storm)
N R B Q I Love Her, She Loves Me(The Best Of)
Dave Edmunds Me And The Boys(D. E. 7th)
Rick Ray band I Was Wondering(Night Of The Living Dedicated)
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush The Answer(Live)
Sweet Keep It In (Give Us A Wink)
Frijid Pink Miss Evil(Earth Omen)
Spooky Tooth The Mirror (The Mirror)
Crack The Sky I Am The Walrus(Live)

Playlist for August 21st/04

Background music through the whole show-Greg Segal The Eye That Shine In The Dark
The Pretty Things Cries From The Midnight Circus
Screaming Trees Beyond This Horizon
Magic Mushroom Band Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Robyn Hitchcock Man With The Lightbulb Head
Savoy Brown Hellbound Train
Wellwater Conspiracy Now, Invisibly
Rain parade Invisible People
Plasticland Transparencies, Friends
Eloy Land Of No Body
Ramones Pet Semetary
Glass Prism The Raven
Splattercats Surfin' Hearse
The Ghastly Ones Haulin' Hearse
1313 Mockingbird lane My Hearse Is Double parked
Monster magnet Look To Your Orb For The Warning
Pink Floyd See Emily Play
Judybats She Lives In A Time Of Her Own
Simon And garfunkel Sounds Of Silence
Jeff lang I Still See You
Audience House On The Hill(retracted version)
Porcupine Tree Always Never

Playlist for August 15th/04

Dead Flowers Filling In Time
Micro Maureen The Space Song
Kinks Sleepwalker
May Blitz Smokin' The Day
Hawkwind Zoo Hurry On Sundown(demo)
Brainstorm Stasis
Philamore Lincoln The North Wind Blew South
Sweetwater What's Wrong(live Woodstock '69)
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida(live)
Caravan Golf Girl
The Illusion How Does It Feel
The Raspberries I Reach For The Light
The Mod-est lads She Could Be In The Beatles
PHAM! I Got You Covered
The Raiders We All Gotta Get Together
Edward Bear You Can't Deny It
Dan McCafferty Cinnamon Girl
PHAM! Cambria Daze And Knights
Jugalbandi The Lost Transit Center
7thOrder Lake Of Memories
Rick Ray Missing Silouette
Rick Ray Mr. Cooper
Mansun The Chad Who Loved Me
Yokeshire A Seer In The Midst
The Polyphonic Spree Section 1
Porcupine Tree Disappear

Playlist for August 08th/04

The Tadpoles Blossom
Plasticland Transparencies, Friends
Sweetwater In A Rainbow
Dark Star The Sound Of Awake
The Acoustic Strawbs Innerview A Glimpse Of Heaven
The Acoustic Strawbs Innerview Shine On Silver Sun
The Acoustic Strawbs Innerview We'll Meet Again Someday
Rick Ray Band It's Time
Neurotic(Rick Ray) A Thousand days Of Yesterdays
Captain Beyond Sufficently Breathless
Bloodrock Lucky In The Morning
Edward Bear Long Forgotten day
The Raiders Take Me Home
PHAM! I Got You Covered
PHAM! Heaven Knows(live)
Ambrosia Time Waits For No One
Badfinger I Miss You
The Monkees You Just May Be The One
The Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday
Flamin' Groovies Shake Some Action
The Records R and R Love Letter
The Nazz Back Of Your Mind
Mainhorse More Tea Vicar
Tantalus 23 Enigma
E. L. P. From the beginning
Martyrs Of Melody Home Bound
Ten Years After Love Like a Man
Clear Blue Sky The Moon

Playlist for August 1st/04

Polyphemus Masses Of Tiny Dots
Julian Cope Double Vegetation
Visible Wind Strange Days
Krel The Hour Of The Gate/Towers
Simply Saucer Cyborg Revisited
Flowerpot Men Lets Go To San Francisco
Kalidoscope Flight From Ashiya
The Idle Race Imposters Of Life Magazine
Blues Magoos Sybil Green Of The In Betwen
Electric Prunes Children Of Rain
PHAM! Good Morning
The magic Ring Little Mary Sunshine
Paul Revere and the raiders Cinderella Sunshine
The Mod-est Lads Trouser Load Of Love
The Onits Gamma Rays
Accoustic Styrawbs Ghosts
Spring Grail
Deja Vu Somebody cares
Brainbox Dark Rose
Pax Dark Rose
Rick Ray band Something A Little More Original
Riot Act(Rick Ray) Whipping Post
PHAM! I Got You Covered
Badfinger Believe Me
Freddy Free
Bad Finger Get Down
Glass harp Look In The Sky(live)
America Donkeyjaw
Man Rainbow Eyes
Mark Ripp and the Confessors Butterfly(for Jeff Buckley)

Playlist for July 24th/04 Hamilton Paranormal Special

Magic Mushroom band Don'y Be Afraid Of The dark
Sabre Something Under My Bed
Killer Wail Beware
The Cherry Five Country Graveyard
Plan 9 Dealing With The Dead
Goblin Goblin
1313 Mockingbird Lane My Hearse Is Double Parked
The Ghastley Ones Haulin' Hearse
Marshmallow Overcoat 13 Ghosts
The Fuzztones Night Of The Phantomn
The Chesterfield Kings Disconnection
John Weslley harding If You Have Ghosts
The Judybats She Lives In A Time Of Her Own
Mott The Hoople Darkness Darkness
Alice Cooper Black Ju Ju
Audience House On The Hill
Vigil Gargoyles
John Campbell I Ain't Afraid Of Midnight

Playlist for July 11th/04 Strawbs special

Rick Ray Band Night Crawls In
Clear Blue Sky The Moon
Strawbs Ghosts
Strawbs The River
Strawbs Down By The Sea
Strawbs Sikmple Visions
Strawbs Midnight Sun
Strawbs Queen Of Dreams/Heavy Disguise
Strawbs Grave New World
Strawbs The World/That's the Way It Ends
Strawbs Blue Angel
Strawbs Ghosts
Strawbs The River
Dave Cousins Heartbreaker(Intergalactic Touring band)
Ciggy Barlust and the Whales From Venus backside
Fire A Reason For Everything
Sweetwater Just For You
Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Genesis Watcher Of The Skies
Hawkwind Orgone Accumulator
Eloy Ups and Downs

Playlist for June 27th/04

Ultimate Spinach Behold and See
Aunt mary Lots of Fish in the Sea
Fever Tree Daytripper/We can Work It out
Sweetwater My Crystal Spider
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
The Judybats She Lives(In A Time Of Her Own)
Black Sabbath All Moving parts Stand Still
Rick Ray Any More
Rick Ray My Chair
Clear Blue Sky The Moon
Gary Mundel Pig Machine
PHAM! Silent Suzy Sweet
The raiders Steppin' Out
Mandala Mellow Carmello Palumbo
The Copper Penny That Was The game
Wool Love Love Love Love Love
Damnation Of Adam Blessing Last Train To Clarksville
The Mod-est lads Trouser Load Of Love
The Onits Gamma rays
The Dynaminds Midnight Mover
Kingston Wall The Real Thing
Spectrum Fiddling Fool
Crack The Sky Hold On
Clear Blue Sky The Moon(version II)
Lea Riders Group Dom Koller Oss Mods
Jeff Buckley I Shall Be Released(live)
Hawkwind Reefer madness(live)
Steamhammer Even The Clock

Playlist for June 20th/04

The Things Outside My Window
Sundial See Her Smile
Seventh Order Lake Of Memory
Monster Magnet Melt
Wellwater Conspiracy Of Dreams
Stackridge No One's More Important Than The earthworm
Brainstorm Triplanetary
Featherwheel Orchard Of Love
The Mod-est Lads She Could Be In the Beatles
The Flies Not zYour Steppin' Stone
Status Qou Green Tamboribe
Paul Revere And the Raiders The Great Airplane Strike
PHAM Get Away
Wilfred N and the Grown Men Waiting For Luck To Come
Captain Beyond dancing madly backwards(Live)
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush I Learned My Lesson Well
Rick Ray band Sands Of Time
Rick Ray band Glassman
Fire Father's Name Is dad
Sweetwater Motherless Child
Fat Country Girl
Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs(live)
Warhorse Back In Time
Neu! Fur Immer
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Mouth Of Clay Long Ago
The Who live at Isle Of Wight
Lupine Howl carnival

Playlist for June 13/04

The Seeds Falling Off The Edge Of My Mind
Clearlight Night Sounds Loud
Aorta Strange
The Lemon Pipers Through With You
July To Be Free
Rick Ray Band Death Of The Swineherd
Rick ray interview
Rick Ray band 1000 days Of Yesterdays
Rick Ray Band Babylon
Rick Ray band Nuclear casket
Rick ray band Supreme Court Jester
Rick Ray band fanfare For The Common man
Wilfred N and the Grown Men Bossalhoa
Paul Revere and the raiders Mr Sun, Mr Moon
The Monkees Take A Giant Step
PHAM! Good Morning
PHAM! Heaven Knows
Krokodil Odessy in Om
Paul Revere and the Raiders Just Like Me
Jane Spain
Wayne, Robb, Phil, and Stan Lovely Lady
The Dynaminds Roll The Revolution
The New Black Dude
Romislokus Give A Glance
Tako Sinteza
Greg Segal Soliod State Life

Playlist for June 6th/04

Amon Duul II Kronwinkl
Kula Shaker Drop In The Sea
Kayak Ruthless Queen(live)
The Pink Floyd Apples And Oranges
Polyphemus Cloudships
Lynn jackson Kalidoscope
The Coral Confessions Of A. D. D.
Everything Falls Apart Live In The Studio
Everything Falls Apart Dreams
Everything Falls Apart Apprehension
Everything Falls Apart Got A Hit
Everything Falls Apart E. F. A.
Everything Falls Apart Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Everything Falls Apart Start
Chillawack Far Side Of The Sun
Porcupine Tree Voyage 34
Jimi Hendrix Bold As Love Demo
Steve Hillage The Glorious Om Riff(live)
PHAM! Good Morning
The Mod-est Lads Sputnik Spy From Outer Space
The Dynaminds Home Rock City
The Rick Ray Band Out Of The Mist Of Obscurity
Eric Burden and the Animals Gemini-Madman
The Veins Dandilion Blind
Dimmormas Bros Grisflyten
Romislokus Jackdaws

Playlist for May 30/04

Monster Magnet Melt
The Cure Alone Again Or
The Fugs Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Roadhouse Blues(live)
Pat Travers Purple Haze
The Pink Fairies Walf Don't Run
PHAM! Good Morning
The Association Silver Morning
Robert E Lee Brigade Merry Go Round
Broadcasters Burning
The Mod-est Lads Trouser full of Love
PHAM! Permanent Wave
Eloy Mysterious Monolith
Porcupine Tree Execution Of The Will Of The Marquis de sade
Rory Gallagher I'm Not Awake Yet
Jellybean Bandits Tapestries
PHAM! Rainy Day Song
The Broadcasters Heartful Of Soul
The New Black Dude
Wellwater Conspiracy Van Vanishing
Liquid Tension Experience Kindered Spirits
Rick Ray Band Orangatan Ballet
Rick Ray Band Into The hands Of Sinners
Fat Mine Eyes have Seen
The Beautifics Green Day Rising
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
H. P. Lovecraft White Ship(live)
Jugalbandi Rest Stop

Playlist for May 23/04

Spaceman 3 Losing Touch With My Mind
Argent Thunder and Lightning
Donovan Cosmic Wheels
Robert Plant Darkness Darkness
Polyphemus The Strange High House Of Mist
Ayreon Day 4/Mystery
Black Sabbath Planet caravan
John Kay and the Sparrow Mystery Ship
PHAM! What's Become Of Florence
Paul Revere And The raiders Just Seventeen
The Mod=est lads They Stand Straight Up
The Monkees Papa Gene's Blues
Damnation Of Adam Blessing Last Train To Clarkesville
The Trouble Boys Heartful Of Soul
PHAM! Heaven Knows(live)
H. P. Lovecraft Electallentando
Fat mattress Petrol Pump Assistant
Blue Cheer Magnolia Caboose babyfinger
Bull Angus Run Don't Stop
The Dynaminds Midnight Mover
Greg Segal Standard Pt 1
Jugalbandi The Toast Beckons
Rick Ray band Sands Of Time
Rick ray Band Glass man
Porcupine Tree Metanoia III
Orange Goblin You'll Never Go To Heaven
Cherry Five Picture Of Dorian Gray
Martyrs Of Melody Martyrs Of Melody
Il Balletto Di Bronzo Epilogo
Romislokus Just Dream

Playlist for May 09/04

Forum Quorum Testify
The Dynaminds Midnight Mover
The Gurus Big Sea
The Church Song In Space
Bull Angus Lone Stranger
The Cleves Work Out
Ruphus Day After Tomorrow
Amon Duul II A Morning Ecuse
The Open Mind Thor, The God Of Thunder
Kalidoscope(UK) The Sky Childern
Arcesia Deserie
Jake Holmes So Close
Big Star Kangaroo
Rick Ray band Mewllow-D
Rick ray band Atom Smasher
Clear Blue Sky Man Of Stone
Mouth Of Clay One man Standing
Wildflower Shine
PHAM! Good Morning, I LOve You
The Mod-est lads They Stand Straight Up When She lays Down
Wilfred N and the Grown Men I Think About
The Chesterfield Kings Disconnected
Mother Superior Mood Merchant
Romislokus Come Tomorrow
P. F. M. Via Lumiere
Toad Change In Time
Schenker-Pattison I've Got The Fire
Greg Segal The Eye That Shines In The Darkness Pt.5
Ozric Tentacles Spirals In Hyperspace

Playlist for May 02/04

May Blitz For madmen Only
Reef Place Your Hands
Chesterfield Kings Somewhere, Nowhere
Electric Prunes Longs Days Flight Til Tomorrow
The paisleys Cosmic Minds At Play
American Blues If I Were A carpenter
King Harvest Wichita Lineman
Five Fifteen Waterfall
Gary Mundell All Up To You
Steamhammer I Wouldn't Have Thought
Human Instinct The Nile Song
7th Order Throwing fate The Slip
Hawkwind Space Is Deep
Strawbs Autumn
Rick Ray band Fanfare For The Common man
PHAM! Reality, The Edge Of Reason
L. A. Guns Hurdy Gurdy man
Schenker-Pattison Summit Shapes Of Things
The Rattles Elenor Rigbey
Pax Firefly
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Mike Harrison Smokestack Lightning
Seventh Wave Star Palace Of The Sombre Warrior
Wigwam Prophet
Paladin Watching The World Pass By
Tommy Bolin Stratus(live)
Brainstorm Armageddon
Kathy Compton Wilderness Of Sin

Playlist for April 25th/04

Kula Shaker Hurry On Sundown
The Paupers Magic People
The Robert E. Lee Brigade Merry Go Round
PHAM! Reality, The Edge Of Reason
The Time Machine Dear Prudence
The Church Song In Space
Jelly Bean Bandits Hey Man
Dqamnation Of Adam Blessing Back To The River
Sweetwater In A rainbow (org)
Sweetwater In A Rainbow (2001)
PHAM! You Stole My Life Away
Black Sabbath All Moving parts Stand Still
Bill Ward Shine
Crow Satisfied
Polyphemus The Strange High House Of Mist
Jake Holmes Dazed And Confused
Juicy Lucy Pretty Woman
Fields Three Minstrels
Rick ray band It's Time
Rick ray band The Einstein Blues
Cold Sky If I Die Tomorrow
Mouth Of Clay Why Don't You
Tako Probudi se
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
Porcupine Tree Orchidia
Ozric tentacles Plasmoid
Neu! E Music
Tangerine Dream Journey Through A Burning Brain
Kingston Wall Can't Get Through(live)

Playlist for April 17th/04

Sons Of Adam Feathered Fish
Pink Slip daddy LSD
The Mod-est Lads Sputnik Spy From Outer Space
Terrance Priscilla
The Sonics 5 Years Ahead Of My Time
The Druids Of Stonehenge earthless
Wizards From Kansas Flyaway days
David MaWilliams days Of Pearly Spencer
Ill Wind Sleep
Bob Grimm Never Stays The Same
Electric Banana Street Girl
PHAM! Rainy day Song
The Onits Weekend Wrestler
The Chesterfield Kings The fading Of My Mind
The New Black Dude
The Gurus Good Morning
The Church Song In Space
The Singled I'm In Love With You
Alquinl The dance
Dodgy Grassman
Wigwam Luulosairas
Michael katon Jesus Wears Adidas
Jackie Leven Clay Jug
Greg Segal Of Brief Stays (and poem by SS)
Cold Sky Under The Bridge(live)
Riot Act The Night Crawls In
Rick ray band Day Of The watchmen
Kingston Wall Could It Be
Porcupine Tree radioactive Toy
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Dashiell Hedayat and Gong Chrysler
saxon Court Of The Crimson King

Playlist for April 11/04

Dead Flowers Chocolate Staircase
The Night Crawlers Little Black Egg
Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke And Sassafrass
Rick Ray band Reflections
Fish Karma She likes to make love to led zeppelin
PHAM! Good Morning
Led Zeppelin Live Special
Acoustic That's the way MSG Sept 19/70
" Bron Y ar
Acoustic Goin' To california Earl's Court May 24/75
" That's The Way
" Bron Y ar
Electric In My Time Of Dying
" Trampled Under Foot
" Stairway To Heaven
Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit
Porcupine Tree No Luck With Rabbits
Peter Sarstedt Many Coloued Semi Precious Plastic easter Egg
The Zoo Chocolate Moose
13th Floor Elevators Earthquake
The Chesterfield Kings Trip Through Tomorrow
Chesterfield Kings Transparent Life
The Veins east Avenue Scene
Dunn and McCashen Lydia Purple
The Collectors Lydia Purple
Cargo/September Lydia Purple
PHAM! When Elias Came from Egypt
The Zombies She Does Everything For Me
The Zombies Brief candles (r.i.p. Paul Atkinson)
Panacea Princess
Romislokus Lucky Man
Greg Segal Soul catcher
Richard Thompson Calvary Cross

Playlist for April 4th/04

Amon Duul 2 Wolf City
Captain Copter and The Fabulous Twirly Birds Rain
Cream Swlabr
The New Black Dude
Orange Goblin Lunarville
Ocean Colour Scene Hundred Mile High City
Q 65 So High Am I
pPHAM! Rainy Day Song
The Mod-est Lads They Stay Staright Up when She lays Down
Dave rave Group Love Fades
PHAM! Reality, The Edge Of Reason
Dave rave Group Everyday Magic
Kicking Trudy All I can Be
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Romislokus Cool
SS20 My Eyes have Seen You
Sweetwater Look Out
Ocean Funnier man
Rick ray band Containment
Riot Act (Rick ray band) Sands Of Time
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush I Learned My Lesson Well
Gary Mundle Music For The Soul
Ozric Tentacles Akasha

Playlist for March 28th/04

Greg Segal The Worlds Open
Wellwater Conspiracy Far Side Of Your Moon
Crosby Stilled nazci And Sluggo Plasticland Theme
Aunt mary For All Eternity
The Gurus Good Morning
PHAM! Good Morning I Love You
Brownsville Station The Martian Boogie
MC5 Human Being Electric Lawnmower
The Rockfour Have A good One
The Singles There's Nothing Wrong When I'm With You
PHAM! Permanent Wave
PHAM! Silent Suzy Sweet
PHAM! Cambria Heights, Daze And Nights
Kingston Wall With My Mind
Tasavallan Presidentti Milky Way Moses
Tako Druga Strana Meme
Romislokus Loosing The Time
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
Sweetwater What Is Wrong(live)
PHAM! Get Away
Rick Ray band 1000 Days Of Yesterday
Five Fifteen w/Nik Turner 1000 Days Of Yesterdays
Captain Beyond Stone Free(live)
Riot Act(Rick Ray) No Time
Philip Goodhand-Tait Silver Wing
Joseph Patric Moore's Drum And bass Society Down Under
Bulldog Innerspring
Fraterinity Season's Of Change
Daddy Cool make Your Stash
Jeff St. John's Copperwine Any Orange Night
Greg Segal The Indo-Appalachia Railway

Playlist for March 21th/04

Kula Shaker Red Balloon(Vishnu;s Eyes)
Crosby, Stilled, Nanzi and Sluggo Adventures In Plasticland Theme
The Gurus Big Sea
RockFour Mad Routine
Kicking Trudy Let It Burn
Joel Kroeker Soft
The Youngbloods Darkness Darkness
PHAM! Heaven Knows(live)
PHAM! I Love You Madly
The Mod-est Lads Trouser Load Of Love
The magic Ring Little mary Sunshine
Kathy Compton Love Boat Theme
Kathy Compton Grass Beneath My Feet
Rick ray band Civilized war
Glass harp Never Is A Long Time
Space Farm Infinity Way
Eire Apparent Mr. Guy Fawkes
Mouth Of Clay Crazy ways
Underneath What 2000 Light Years From Home
The Veins Dandylion Blind
PHAM! Permanent Wave
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Camel Lawrence
Yes Every Little Thing
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
Amon Duul Phallus Dei

Playlist for March 13th/04

Gong Planet Gong
Robin Trower Twice Removed From Yesterday
Five Fifteen High Times We Had
Gravy Train Starlight, Starbright
The Godfathers I Love What's happenin' To me
The Mod-est Lads They Stand Straight Up (when she lays down)
The New Black Dude
The Jelly Bean Bandits Generation
PHAM! Cambria Heights, Daze and Knights
PHAM! You Stole My Life Away
Kathy Compton Over And Over
Seven Thirteen Abuse Me
Kula Shaker Gokula
Rick Ray band The Guitarsoist
Acidguitarking Stoned For Life
Seven Thirteen Abuse Me
Sweetwater Motherless Child
Romislokus Cool
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Pax Smoke On The Water
The rattles Elenor Rigby
Khan Space Shanty
Flesh Resonance Illuminance
Soniq Theater Vamos a Ver
PHAM! Rainy day Song
Michael katon The Rage called Rock And Roll
Michael katon Cruise Night USA
PHAM! Chunky Bone
Moody Blues Legend Of A Mind
Timothy Leary No Regrets
Porcupine Tree Last Chance to evacuate earth....
Traffic Heaven Is In Your Mind

Playlist for March 07th/04

Josef K Revelation
Orange Goblin Nuclear Guru
Robert Plant Darkness Darkness
String Cheese Incident Magic Carpet Ride
Nick Drake and Soft machine Broken Earth
The New Black Fortuna
Ya-Ne-Zniyoo Suit Of Armour
PHAM! Good Morning
PHAM! What Became Of Florence
The New Black Dude
Rick Ray band The Casualty Score
Rick ray band Zero
Martyrs Of Melody Left Behind
Nartyrs Of Melody The Healer
Rick ray band Wired Wrong
Gary Mundel Live guitar improvision
The Yardbirds Think About It
The Troggs Purple Shades
The Love Sculpture Un The Land Of The Few
Sweetwater In A rainbow
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
Romislokus Computer Moon
Big Star When My baby's Beside Me
The Singles I'm In Love With You
The Jellybean Bandits Tapestries
School Of Fish 3 Strange days
Goddo I Wanna Be On My Own
Amon Duul 2 Surrounded By The Stars
Gary Mundel Live guitar improv
Pat Travers Day Of The eagle

Playlist for February 29th/04

Amon Duul II A race From Here To Your Ear
Reef Higher Vibration
Sidonie Beautiful Starnger
Kula Shaker Hush
Bubble Puppy Hot smoke And Sassafrass
Radio Flyer Neon River
Jelly Bean bandits Neon River
The Veins Everything Inbetween
The Veins New Con
The Veins Black Flowers
Gary Mundel Live in studio
Gary Mundel Into The Void
Orange Goblin The Man Who Invented Time
Gary Mundel Children Of The Grave
Rick Ray band The Ugly Puppet's Head
Rick Ray band Nuclear Casket
Rick Ray Band Calm Before The storm
Gary Mundel Live In The Studio
The New Black Dude
The New Black English Day
PHAM! What's Become Of Florence
The Onits Weekend Wrestler
Romislokus To Be Alone With You Tonight
Jelly Bean bandits To Be Alone With You
Romislokus In Flanders Fields
7th Order Lake Of Memories
Richard Ashcroft Bittersweet Symphony
Christmas April Mountain

Playlist for February 22/04

Cosmic Grind Smear It Sphere
Gong The Pot Head Pixies
Ozric tentacles Pteranodan (hallucionary remix)
Kula Shaker Tattiva (live)
Tony Kosinec New York Itself
PHAM innerview/ac=ro=nym tracks
Captain Beyond Stone Free (live)
Robin Trower/Jeff Beck Manic Depression (live)
Tommy Bolin Hendrix Tribute (live)
New Trolls For Edith
Romislokus Computer Moon
Blackfield(Steven Wilson/Aviv Geffen) Open Mind
SRC Gypsy Eyes
PHAM! Edge Of Reason
Marmalade Kalidoscope
Q65 World Of Birds
Rick Ray band Never Is, Never Was
Echolyn One Brown Mouse
Neu! Fur Immer
Stillwater Fever Dog
Mostly Autumn Porcupine Rain
Deep Purple Jam Stew
Electric Wizard Chromonaut

Playlist for February 15th/04

Randy Bugdale Welcome To The Real World
The British Roadrunners Elevator man
The Love Machine Mind BenderThe Dentists
The Dentists Space Man
Hurdy Gurdy Spaceman
PHAM! Rainy day Song
PHAM! Never Too Late To Find Love
Ya-Ne-Zniyoo Delightful
PHAM! Heaven Knows (live)
Ya-Ne-Zniyoo New York
Crack The Sky Ice (live)
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Sekiden 1+1=Heartache
The Movies Come On
The Chesterfield Kings I Cannot Find Her (acoustic version)
Man jam Up Jelly Tight/Oh No Not Again/Spunk Rock '73/C'Mon (live)
Johnny Winter Slow Blues (live)
Michael katon Jesus Wears Adidas
Colosseum Febuary's valantyne
Her Ornament The Verve Pipe
Lamp Of The Universe What Love can Bring
Rick ray band Lunitic Love
The Vulgar Unicorn Thief Of Clubs
Omega Russian Winter/Start/Time Robber
Renaissance Rajah Khan

Playlist for February 08/04

the Fugs Crystal Liason
The Pasternak Progress Cotton Soul
Southwest F.O.B. The Smell Of Incence
Sweetwater In A Rainbow
Nirvana(original 60's band) Lithium (a cover of Kurt's song, as Kurt stole the name from these guys)
the Fugs Marijuana
The Flaming Lips When You Smile
PHAM! Get Away
PHAM! Good Morning, I Love You
Big Star In The Street(70's show theme original)
Budgie Nude Disintigrating Parachutist Woman
Hawkwind Master Of The Universe
Lost Disciples Swell
the Stickmen(pre Tea party) Lover Man
Tea party Last Goodbye(Jeff Buckley song, live)
Five Fifteen Kashmir (live)
Rick Ray Band From One Side To The Other
Rick ray Band Loriann
Romislokus Loosing The Time
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
Flesh Resonance Reflections and Shadows
Lucid Nation Everyone's Got An Area 51
13(thirteen) Who's Got The Shanananananana?
Wigwam Prophet-Marvelry Skimmer
Aqua Fragile Three hands man
East Walking On The Clouds
Goddo Under My Hat(live)
The Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett Stanley's A Simpleton
Polyphemus In Glad Life Hollow
Master's Apprentices Elevator Driver
The Rabbitt's Hat Don't Knock It
Rick ray band Break Out

Playlist for February 01/04

Crosby, Stilled, Nancy and Sluggo (Strawberry Monkeys Scream) AIP Theme
The Lilys Returns Every Morning
Os Mutantes Confor de mambo
PHAM! Good Morning(I Love You)
The String Cheese Incident Wake Up
Sweetwater Rondeau/Two Worlds
Fantasy Come
Carol Of Harvest Somewhere At The End Of The rainbow
Romislokus In Flanders Field
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Camel Lunar Sea(live)
Atoll Le Cimetiere de Plastique
Lou Reed Sweet jane(live)
Spirit Like A Rolling Stone
Rick Ray band Death Of The Swineherd
PHAM! When Elias Came From Egypt
Deep Purple Cry Free
Wool Combination Of The Two
Goddo I Wanna Live On My Own
Infra Cicada
Guru Guru Space Ship
Hawkwind We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
Wild Flower The Way Of Living
Mouth Of Clay Not My Style
Five-Fifteen High Times We Had
AcidGuitarKing Return Drive To Forever

Playlist for January 25/04

Charlie barnet And His Orchestra w/ Judy Ellington Stay Up Stan (the all night record man)
The Dukes Of The Startosphere 25 o'clock
Polyphemus Masses Of Tiny Dots
Wellwater Conspiracy Of Dreams
Gold No Parking
Procol Harum The Unquiet Zone
Tarantula Electric Guru
Disciple Come Along
13 Who's Got The Shananananana
13 Falter
Black Sabbath Don't Srat(too late)/Symptom Of The Universe
Masters Of Reality Intro/Domino
Rick Ray band Demons And Men
Rick ray band Out Of The Mists Of Obscurity
Acidguitarking Stoner For Life
Kicking Trudy Laugh At Me
PHAM! The Silent Suzy Sweet(Saint Paul/Silent Suzy/Sixteen Reasons)
Sweetwater In A rainbow
String Cheese Incident Wake Up
Romislokus Captain Zero
Sundial Sunstroke
Porcupine Tree Radioactive Toy(live)
Goddo Help Me
New Sun Intro/The Sprawl
Gens Per Chi
Titus Groan Hall Of Bright Carvings
Vibravoid Ballspeaker

Playlist for January 18/04

Crosby, Stilled, Nancy and Sluggo Adventures In Plasticland
Theme(Strawberry Monkies Scream...)
The Vejtables Time And Place
Episode Six Mozart Versus The Rest
The Electric Crayon Set Demons In Disguise
PHAM! Heavan Knows(live)
The Flowerpot Men Lets Go To San Francisco
The Love Machine Coming Down
Cafe bar 401 The Doctor Says
Delivery Blind To Your Light(live)
Wooden Horse Celebration Song
Sweetwater Motherless Child
Romislokus Look At The Sky
Romislokus In Flanders Field
Howard Werth and the Moonbeams Fading Star
Dimmornas Bro Romeo
The Onits Gamma Rays
Acidguitarking Space Sleep
Acidguitarking Stoned Again
Badger Wheel Of Fortune(live)
Energy (Swedish 1973)
Cradle Home
Brad Buttercup
The String Cheese Incident Looking Glass
Dirty Tricks Night Man
The Greatest Show On Earth Magic Women Touch
Sianspheric Where The Planets Revolve, I Wish I Was There

Playlist for January 11/04

Five Fifteen Waterfall
Lupine Howl The Jam That Ate Itself
The String Cheese Incident Wake Up
Wellwater Conspiracy In Dreams
PHAM! Good Morning(I Love You)
the Singles I'm In Love With You
The Candidates Right Between The Eyes
The Onits Weekend Wrestler
Magic Mushroom Band Are You Experienced
the Posies Lights Out
Captain Beyond Sufficently Breathless
Romislokus Dreg
Romislokus In Flanders Field
Kula Shaker Godiva
Dodgy Intro/In A Room
Nazz Under The Ice
Headstone Someone's Gotta Give
Mouth Of Clay Woman In Green
Goddo Rock Star
7th Order Lake Of Memories
Hughs/Turner Progect Revelation
Martyrs Of Melody Left Behind
Porcupine Tree Buying New Soul
Flamborough Head One For The Crow
Omega Russian Winter(live)
Flasket Brinner Tysta Finskan

Playlist for January 04/04

The Who Armenia City In The Sky
Sidonie (ahora entiendo a) Gene Clark
Darkstar Vertigo
Screaming Trees Beyond This Horizon
Donovan New Years Resovolution
Kathy Compton Grass Beneath My Feet
The Seers Psyche Out
PHAM! When Elias Came From Egypt
The Goldstars Gotta Get Out
PHAM! Love You Madly
PHAM! Permanent Wave
The Onits Weekend Wrestler
Porcupine Tree Strip The Soul
Five Fifteen Black Monday
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Sister Surround
7th Order Force Of Nature Comes Down
Romislokus Captain Zero
Romislokus In Flanders Field
Kicking Trudy Someday
Toad Electric Rider
Vic Vergat I believe In Love Music
Rare Bird As Your Mind Flies By
Shamantra Epoch
Mouth Of Clay Woman in Green
Wildflower Wild Flower
Goddo Gas Money And Cigarettes
Chris Connell Sunshower
Cafebar 401 The Doctor Says
Eloy Light From Deep Darkness

Playlist for December 28/03

The Who Armenia City In The Sky
Dead Flowers Slow Burn
The Factory Try A Little Sunshine
Pavement The Hexx
Kicking Trudy Let It Burn
Toad Life Goes On
Deep Purple Lazy(live)
Porcupine Tree Gravity Eyelids(live)
Romislokus In Flanders Field
The Flower Kings Psychedelic Postcard
Sweetwater In A Rainbow(live)
Jefferson Airplane 3/5ths of A Mile in 10 Seconds(live)
PHAM Reality...The Edge Of Reason
Frame All I Really Want Explain
7th Order Lake Of Memories
Goddo Watch Me Crawl
Mouth Of Clay Not My Style
Wild Flower I'm So Sorry
Camel Freefall
Neil Leyton UnderThe Blacklight Skies Of Your Underground
The Candidates The Most Rock
Porcupine Tree Futile
Jimi Hendrix God save The Queen(studio bootleg)
Toad Purple haze
Five Fifteen Rockin' Horse
Rachel's Birthday(Soniq Theater) Nightengale and Snake

Playlist for December 14/03

The Goldstars Hurry Up And Go
Vibra Void Inside The Electric Mind
The Pink Floyd Interstellar Overdrive
The December People Silent Night
Romislokus In Flanders Field
Romislokus Losing The Time
Romislokus Computer, Moon
Wild Flower Wildflower
Mouth Of Clay Black Rose
Goddo I Wanna Live On My Own
Cafe Bar 401 The Doctor Say
Porcupine Tree Even Less
Cafe bar 401 I Need To Know
Cafe bar 401 2AM
PHAM Good Morning, I LOve You
PHAM (What's Become Of ?) Florence
The Onits Weekend Wrestler
Ten Years After 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
7th Order Lake Of Memories
Toad Cottonwood Hill
Eloy Love Over Six Centuries
Rachel's Birthday(Soniq Theater) Cream Tears
Glenn Murphy Alone(she's the one)
Sweetwater My Crystal Spider
Krokodil Odessey In Om

Playlist for December 07/03

Cafebar 401 The Doctors Say
Mouth Of Clay Black Rose
7th Order Lake Of Memories
Bill Ward Straws
Bill Ward Interview
Bill Ward Nighthawks, Stars, And Pines
Black Sabbath Spiral Archetect
Blue Cheer Peace Of Mind
Atomic Rooster Lost In Space
Kingston Wall The Real Thing
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
Toad Tomorrow Blue
Porcupine Tree Idiot Prayer
Rachel's Birthday An Invitation To
Soniq Theater Riders Of Rohan
Wildflower Wildflower
Mouth Of Clay Woman In Green
PHAM Edge Of Reason
PHAM I LOve You (Madly)
PHAM Heaven Knows(live)

Playlist for November 30/03

Fever Tree The Time Is Now
Quill The Tube Exuding
Radio Birdman Man With Golden Helmet
Little Free Rock Tingle
Terry Brooks And Strange Beautiful Day
Romislokus Being In A Plastic Box
Romislokus I Don't Resign
Romislokus Trance Aviation Pilots
SBB Last Man At The Station
Grand Funk Railroad Winter And My Soul
Jackal A New Day Arising
Borealis Business
Hughes/Turner Project Burning Sky
Glenn Hughes Get You Stoned
Joe Lynn Turner Cryin' Out Loud
Goddo Such A Fool
Porcupine Tree Russia On Ice
Ocean Funnier Man
Sweetwater God Rest Ye Merry gentleman
Spring Hendre Mews
New Trolls Storia Di Una Foglia
7Th Order Lake Of Memories
Valinor's Tree Tell me A Story

Playlist for October 28/03

The Rationals Guitar Army
The Fuzztones Happy Halloween
The Herd From The Underground
John Campbell Ain't Afraid Of Midnight
Robert Johnson Hellhound On My Trail
Morgan Welcome To The Void
Magic Mushroom Band Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
The Youngbloods Darkness Darkness
The Mops White Rabbit
The Doctor From The House Of Lords
Art Supernatural Fairytale
Plasticland Transparencies, Friends
Plan 9 Dealing With The Dead
Uncle Sam Caretaker
The Chesterfield Kings Richard Spec
The Veins White City
The Onits Gamma rays
Kevin Ayers Song From The Bottom Of A Well
Robyn Hitchcook Man With The Lightbulb Head
Beacon Street Union May I Light Your Cigarette
Jacula Presentia Domini
Alice Cooper Black Ju Ju
Vigil Gargoyles
Frank Zappa The Torture Never Stops
Gracious Fugue In D Minor
Mojo Nixon/Skid Roper Gonna Dig Up Howlin' Wolf
Roy Loney Rockin' In The Graveyard
The Krewmen Night Of The Living Dead
3D Invisibles Roll Over In Your Grave
The Lost Patrol Bad Dreams
Dr. Bombay I Can't Touch You
Sabre Something Under My Bed
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
Black Widow Come To The Sabbat
Jason Crest Black Mass
Strawbs Ghosts
Audience House On the Hill
Goblin Goblin
Atomic Rooster Death Walks Behind You
Pink Floyd Careful With That Axe Eugene
Romislokus Jackdaws

Playlist for October 18/03

The Rationals Guitar Army
Cressida Summer Weekend Of A Lifetime
The Churchills Subsequent Finale
The Spacemen 3 Why Wouldn't I see
The Mauds You Don't Know Like I Know
Novak's Kapelle Doing That Rhythm Thing
Novak's Kapelle Hypodermic Needle
The Mystic Tide Mystic Eyes
The Mystic Tide Mystery Ship
The Mauds Searchin'
Butch Eagle and the Styx Going Home
Rainy Daze What Do You Think
Mourning Reign Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Easybeats Say You What Me
Bloomfield/Kooper Dear Mr. Fantasy(live)
Improved Sound LTD Leave This Lesbian World
Rory Gallaghar Hands Off
Caronte Ulimate Ode To J. Hendrix
Brimstone Illusion/Paper Winged Dreams
The Mops I'm A Man/Jenny Jenny
The Ugly Ducklings Rimb Nugget
Arcadium Birth, Life and Death
Aardvark Very Nice Of You To Call
Weed Sweet Morning Light
The Yardbirds Happenings 10 Years Time Ago

Playlist for September 14/03

Mad River Amphetamine Gazelle
Visible Wind Strange Days
e-motive Love And Death
Open Mind Alone
Norman Haines Band Everything You See
The Smoke My Friend Jack
The Brain Police Find Me A Moment
Morgen Love
Romislokus Trace Aviation Pilots
Romislokus Come Tomorrow
Romislokus Imagine
Mott The Hoople Ready For Love/After Lights (Live)
Pat Travers Fire And Water
Five Fifteen High Times We Had
Landberk DustGod
Landberk Dream Dance
Landberk Why Do I Still Sleep
Jimi Hendrix Experience The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice
The Pretty Things Defecting Grey
Episode Six Mozart Versus The Rest
John Kay And The Sparrow Isn't It Strange
Sweetwater Just For You
Matt Deighton The Villager
Nick Drake Time Of No Reply
John Martyn Outside In (Live)
Porcupine Tree Hate Song (live)

Playlist for September 07/03

Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention Your Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
Man Ride And The View(live)
Stray Dog Tramp(How Sweet It Is)
Humble Pie 4 Day Creep(live BBC)
C. A. Quintet Bury Me In A Marijuana Field
Sub Ma Mari Huana
Troy Watson Untitled
The Besnard Lakes Deep Desultory Dream
The Posies Flood Of Sunshine
Cargo Summerfair
Dunne and McCashen Lydia Purple
The Collectors Lydia Purple
September Lydia Purple
Ocean Color Scene Blown Away
Gordon Haskell eaning
Pilot Lovely Lady Smile
Romislokus Miss The Target
Omega Ebredes/A Malomban/Hazfele
Far Out Too many People
Sinkadus l.Attestupan
Porcupine Tree Futile
Michael Katon The Detroit River Dirty Blues
Fruitcake Somewhat Late For Supper

Playlist for August 31/03

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Turn On A Friend
The Wondermints Arnold Layne
The Wild Swans Space Flower
Electric Orange Reflections Of 2072
Steve Hillage Light In The Sky (Live)
Porcupine Tree Futile
Porcupine Tree HateSong (Live)
Man C'mon (live)
Romislokus Smoke
Darxtar Obstakel/7
The tails She's A Rainbow
The Chesterfield Kings Streetfighting Man
Uncle Sam Steppin' Stone
Iron Butterfly Termination
Iron Butterfly Belda Beast (RIP Erik Brann)
Badfinger We're For The Dark
Duncan Browne Ninepence Worth Of Walking
Montrose One And A Half
Jimmy Page Bron Yr Aur
Davey Johnstone After The dance
Bad Company Seagull
Sweetwater What Is Wrong (live)
Abbfinoosty Wizard
Neu Hallo Gallo

Playlist for August 24/03

Twink Mexican Grass War
The Mothers Of Invention Who Are The Brain Police
The Sons Of Champlain Get High
Spirit Fresh Garbage
Red Red Groovy Time Has Come(To Go Out Of Your Mind)
Porcupine Tree Strip The Soul
Angel The Tower(live)
Machiavel Moments
Eloy Silent Revolution
Romislokus Minute
Christmas April Mountain
Epsilon On The Road
Sweetwater In A Rainbow (live)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band The Smell Of Incense
Southwest F. O. B. The Smell Of Incense
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Outside/Inside
Spock's Beard Go The Way You Go (live)
Modry Efekt Boty
Five Fifteen Together Alone
The Candidates R.A.D.I.O.
Lisp Simple As It Seems
The Onits Weekend Wrestler
Agape Rejoice
Morely Grey Our Time
Fusion Orchestra Talk To The Man In The Sky

Playlist for August 17/03

The Sun Sawed In Half Carnival Ride
Ship Of Fools Diesel Spaceship
Brainticket Jardis
Budgie Zoom cLUB
Hardstuff Roll A Rocket
Tucky Buzzard Wine And Wimmin
Tadpoles Whirlaway
The House Of Love Corridors
The Misunderstood Golden Glass
Romislokus Termites
Sweetwater Just For You
Blackmore's Night No Second Chance
Dodgy If You're Thinking Of Me
Symon-Asher Hello Wonderful
Phillip Goodhand-Tait Silverwing
Asterix This Is The Morning
Gypsy As Far As You Can See(As Muich As You Can Feel)
Campo Di Marte Primo Tempo
Main Horse Pale Sky
Porcupine Tree Wake As Gun
Spirulina The Message

Playlist for August 10/03

The Hook Plug In Your Mind
Five Fifteen High Times We Had
Clarke/Hutchison Retribution Free To Be Stoned
May Blitz Smokin' The Day Away
Deep Purple Speed King
Deep Purple Speed King(piano version)
The Lemon Pipers Through With You
Cradle Cloe's Room
String Driven Thing Things We Said Today
Sweetwater Two Worlds
Romislokus The Mist
The Wondermints Shine On Me
Argent Waiting For The Yellow One
Luther Grosvenor When I Met You
Flaskett Brinner Tysta Finskan
Capability Brown Liar
Porcupine Tree Untitled
Campo di Marte Terzo Tempo
Genesis The Serpent
Jim Keyes Space Brothers
Vibravoid Inside The Electric Mind

Playlist for August 03/03

The Virgineers Places I've Never Been
Killing Floor Out Of Uranus
Heavy Balloon Led Zeppalin
Frantics Her And Her Mountain
Los Macs F.M.y CIA
Rockadrome Ain't It A Shame
Szivarvany Hungaria
Los Walkers 19,8
Blossom Toes When The Alarm Clock Rings
The Twilights Stop The WorldFor A Day
Michael Katon Bad Machine
Five Fifteen Black Monday
The Firm Radioactive Radio Mix
Romislokus The Thunderstorm Is Coming
Triumvirate Across The Water
Michael Schenker Group Weathervane
UFO Love To Love
Pat Travers Power Trio White Room
Daddy Cool Make Your Stash
Spectrum Superbody
Company Caine The Day Superman Got Busted
Kahvas Jute Free
Radiohead Subterranean Homesick Alien
Porcupine Tree Buying New Soul
The Pink Fairies Uncle Harry's Last Freakout (demo version)
Vibravoid Inside the Electric Mind
The Flaming Lips Turn It On

Playlist for July 27/03

The Flaming Lips Take Meta Mars
The Bystanders Cave Of Clear Light
The Hollies Try It
Ocean Colour Scene Spark And Cindy
Day Of Phoenix Cellophane pts 1 and 2
Masters Apprentice Because I Love You
Human Instinct with Billy T. K. Nile Song
B. B. Gabor Moscow Drug Club
Romislokus I'm Tired
Romislokus Name
Five Fifteen Every Dog Has It's Day
Five Fifteen High Times We Had
Five Fifteen Rocking Horse
Ayreon Into The Black Hole
King's X Summerland
Sweetwater In A Rainbow
Nektar Remember The Future Pt. 2
Krokodil Linger
Procession Ancorna Una Notte
The New Trolls Lying Here
Jonesy No Alternative
Steven Wilson(Porcupine Tree) Feel So Low(Acoustic, live)
Television Personalities Goodnight Mr. Spaceman

Playlist for July 20/03

Julian Cope Transporting
Kalidoscope Elevator Man
Edward Bear Mind Police
Daybreakers Psychedelic Siren
Kubla Khan Revolution II
Kubla Khan Help Yourself
The Zakary Thaks My Door
The Zakary Thaks Green Crystal Ties
Deep Purple Smoke On The Water (25th anniv w/dif guitar solo)
Deep Purple Smoke On The Water (live w/Tommy Bolin)
Deep Purple Mandrake Root (live)
Uriah Heep Dreamare
Interview with
Steven Wilson from
Porcupine Tree
Porcupine Tree Blackest Eyes
Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun
Porcupine Tree Collapse Of The Light Into Earth
Romislokus Cool
Romislokus Dreg
Santa Cruz Scissorman
Ooberman Tears From A Willow
Travis Fear
Salako The Bird And The Bag
Nazareth Shapes Of Things/Space Safari
Blue Oyster Cult Career Of Evil
Grand Funk Railroad Are You Ready
The Stampeders Me And My Stone
Big Star In The Street

Playlist for July 13/03

The Paisleys Cosmic Dreams At Play
Steve Earle Transcendental bLUES
Kula Shaker Govida
The Churchills Pictures In My Mind
Plasticland Mink Dress
The Chocolate Watchband Dark Side Of The Mushroom
Jericho Ethiopia
Three Man Army Another Way
Mott The Hoople Ohio(live)
Masters Apprentices (live)
Valinor's Tree Tell Me A Story
Romislokus Captain Zero
Mint Tattoo Vampyre Symphony in 3 Parts(RIP Ralph Burns Kellogg aka Ethan James
Blue Cheer When It All Gets Old
Blue Cheer Babylon
Porcupine Tree The Sound Of Muzak
Porcupine Tree Gravity Eyelids
Porcupine Tree Wedding Nails
Sweetwater What's Wrong (live)
The Veins Fifteen Miles
Coild Space Oddity
David Bowie Queen Bitch
Vigrasse/Osbourne An Invitation
The Flower Kings Stardust We Are

Playlist for July 06/03

Five-Fifteen The Starship Dark Sun
Sundial Mindtrain
Kingston Wall Nepal
Paul Revere and the Raiders Just 17
July The Way
Fire Fathers Name Is Dad
Strawbs Benedictus
Ocean Colour Scene Get Blown Away
Mansun She Makes My Nose Bleed
Romislokus Tree By The Wall
Cargo Summerfair
Pat Travers Power Trio Inside Looking Out
Tea Party Save Me (indie release)
Jeff Buckley Mojo Pin
Mark Ripp and the Confessors Butterfly(for Jeff Buckley)
Renaissance Ashes Are Burning
Sweetwater Motherless Child
Kestrel In The War
Porcupine Tree Trains
Glass Harp Look To The Sky(live)
Flyte Reaction Dark Rain Falling
Grobschnitt Rockpommels Land
Amon Duul 2 You're Not Alone
Steve Wilson Last Chance..../Pure Narcotic(acoustic live)
Porcupine Tree Radioactive Toy(live)
Mott The Hoople Darkness Darkness

Playlist for June 29/03

The Open Mind Magic Potion
The Bevis Frond Well Out Of It
Julian Cope I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud
The Move Cherry Blossom Clinic
Robin Trower Step Into The Dark
Pat Travers Power Trio Day Of The Eagle
Clear Blue Sky The Age Of Dinosaurs
Sweetwater My Crystal Spider
Romislokus Freedom
Sweetwater In A Rainbow
The Chersterfield Kings I Cannot Find Her(accoustic version)
The Moviees Gotta Move
Uncle Sam Crystal
Uncle Sam Dirty And Co.
Zesuzus Cesspool
The Veins White City
Lupine Howl Carnival
Benninghoft Error Atica
Gens Without You
Atoll Photographe...
Mike Silver Lady Be Glad
Grobschnitt Rockpommels Land
Amon Duul 2 You're Not Alone
Steve Wilson Last Chance..../Pure Narcotic(acoustic live)
Porcupine Tree Radioactive Toy(live)
Mott The Hoople Darkness Darkness

Playlist for June 22/03

The Dentists I Am A Spaceman
The Chocolate Watchband No Way Out
The Creation Makin' Time
The Factory Try A Little Sunshine
Kak Tri Eulogy
Romislokus Jackdaws
Live on air interview with
Evgeniy Gorelov from Romislokus
Romislokus Lucky Man
Romislokus Money
Romislokus Dream
Romislokus Captain Zero
Pat Travers/P. T. Power Trio Tramp
Masters Of Reality Gettin' High
Stray Move On
Pat Travers/P. T. Power Trio Fire and Water
2066 And Then Reflections Of The Future
John Ussery Just Wanna Be Your Friend
John Ussery It's Raining Down In Texas
John Ussery You Lose
John Ussery Love That Guitar
Amon Duul 2 Mr. Kraut's Jinx
Porcupine Tree Strip The Soul (Live)
Amon Duul 2 Kismet
Nektar Remember The Future Pt.2
Hughs/Turner Project Mistreated (Live)

Playlist for June 08/03

Omega Oh jiha
Indian Summer God Is The Dog
King Pin Meh Day Dreams
Goddo Under My Hat (live)
Goddo Drop Dead That's Who (Live)
Romislokus Cool
Romislokus The Snow On The Rails
Romislokus Persici
Romislokus Tuner
Porcupine Tree Gravity Eyelids
Amongst Myselves Dawn 1958
Far Out Too Many Peoples
Atoll Cazotte #1
De De Lind Smarrimento
Omaha Sheriff You Give Me Love
SBB Walking Around My Stormy Bay
Standarte Mooning Round The Mill Hill
PLJ Band Armageddon
Bloodrock Lucky In The Morning
Gift Got To Find A Way
Klaatu Little Neutrino

Playlist for June 01/03

Dark Star Vertigo
Reef Higher Vibration
Grapes Of Wrath See Emily Play
Syd Barrett Octopus (clowns and jugglers)
Wellwater Conspiracy In Dreams
Neu Hallogallo
Novalis Banished Bridge
Romislokus Wildlife
Ballroom Baby Plaese Don't Go
Reign Ghost Travels Of Blue Paradox
Sweetwater My Crystal Spider
Fusion Orchestra Talk tothe man in The Sky
Montrose Space Station #5
Spirit Like A Rolling Stone
Porcupine Tree Rainy Taxi
Porcupine Tree Mute
(Incredible Expanding Mindfuck)
Headphone Dust
Ayreon The Banishment
Starcastle Eliptical Seasons
Public Foot The Roman Decline And Fall
the Spacious Mind We Love Earth

Playlist for May 24/03

Krel To The Stars
Vibravoid Inside The Electric Mind
Hawkwind Zoo Hurry On Sundown (demo)
Light Of Darkness Soul Francisco
Dark ?
Romislokus If
Kaos Moon ?
Woolly Wolstenholme The Will To Fly
Romislokus Dreg
Far East Band Mystery Of The Northern Sky
Man All Is Manillo
John Ussery Listen To The Melody
Peter Kaukanen Billy's Tune
Kingston Wall Two Of A Kind
Eloy Land Of No Body
Niacin Niacin (Live)
Martyrs Of Melody Home Bound
Yokeshire Mystical Mistress
New Sun Expectations
Rick Wakeman/Dave Cousins Hummingbird
Spaceman 3 Tomorrow Hits
Five: Fifteen Sometime It Helps
Spock's Beard Beware Of Darkness